Sightseeing in Dubai – The Best Places to Visit in Dubai Night!

If you are planning a Dubai tour, you will not be able to conduct your sightseeing without taking part in some of the city’s many sightseeing tours. It can be quite difficult to see all that Dubai has to offer from the sea, so here are some sightseeing in Dubai options that you can try out. First, head out to the Jumeirah Beach. This is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai, housing the many hotel resorts here. Take a walk along the white sand beach and take in the breathtaking sight of pristine beaches and coral reefs. Read more on Dubai Palm Tower.

After taking a rest at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, it’s time to move on to another sightseeing option in Dubai. Al Hajar Mountains can be seen from a long drive on the outskirts of the city. The mountains are a great place to take photos as there are a number of amazing places to see in these mountains. One of the best things about these mountains is that they are completely unspoiled. The rocky surface and the green vegetation are something you won’t find in many other places.

For more activities, plan to visit the Burj khalifa. This is the largest building in Dubai and once seen, will become one of your favorite places to do in at night. Once again, with the Burj khalifa as your image source, plan to visit at least five of the places in this building. One of the best things about the Burj khalifa is the view from the sand dune.

Once you’re done with all these things to do in Dubai, head over to Emirates Golf Club for some golfing fun. The club is located on the emirates of Jumeirah. When you visit this club, be sure to get a copy of the strict entry fee rules. Each guest will be required to pay an entry fee to be able to access the club. If you fail to pay the entry fee, you will be refused access.

Not interested in golf? There is still another thing you can do in Dubai: ride a camel. However, instead of heading to the camel track in Dubai Creek, you can head to the Burj al Arab Hotel’s Central Track. This is a short walk from the Burj al Arab and allows you to see the breathtaking artificial Zabeel Mountain and the white sand beaches of Dubai.

You may also want to consider other places to visit in Dubai, although there are literally hundreds of them. Burj Al Arab Hotel and its sister resorts are definitely the best places to go and stay in Dubai. For shopping lovers, Dubai offers you a wide variety of shopping spots from which you can choose. If you want to experience the most spectacular sights in the world, make sure to visit the emirates of Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Creek, Burj Al Arab and Emirates Golf Club. Go to Palm Tower Dubai for more.

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