Sightseeing in Dubai

If you’re planning a family holiday in Dubai you are going to need a guide to show you around and let you see the sights. Dubai is a spectacular city and ultimate emirate in the United Arab Emirates with an ultra lively nightlife scene and luxury shopping. Burj-Al-Arab, the highest and most luxurious tower in the world, dominates the skyline. Visit Palm Tower Dubai for more.

At its height, Burj-Al-Arab was housing the world’s tallest building-the Burj-Al-Arab. Just off the coast of Dubai is the shimmering, futuristic Vista La Palms, designed by Frank Gehry and boasting the worlds only glass dome-a remarkable feat of modern art. At the far end of the UAE is the deserts of Abu Dhabi, home to the world’s tallest buildings, the Four Seasons and the elegant, stylized Yacht Club. To the north is the silent deserts of Fujairah, home to the ultra modern Emirates Palace. And then there’s the best time to go sightseeing in Dubai during the summer!

The summer of 2021 brought an unlikely sight of tourists on camel riding along the dunes of the Dubai desert safari. With the waters of the Al-Batman and the surrounding dry riverbed rising as high as 6m, this was one sight that was not possible just a few months earlier. With the waters of the Al-Bedouin oasis just enough to wade through, and temperatures regularly dipping below freezing, this was the only way to experience this rare desert landscape. Tourists were advised to arrive early, as the water levels tend to recede quickly at dawn. Camel riding was a popular activity amongst local youth, but it wasn’t without its own set of risks.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai, with thousands of visitors flocking to this city every year, is without doubt the Dubai Museum and the Royal Abu Dhabi Palace. Located in the centre of the city on Sheikh Zayed Road, the museums offer a glimpse into the turbulent and colorful past of the region. Take your pick from two to four days to enjoy this interesting collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, or bask in the light and beauty of the diamond mosaic of the Raffles Palace. Or perhaps you prefer a more sedate stroll around the shores of the Burj-Al Arab. There are several fascinating paths through the sandstone streets here, which offer a different view of the city, different from what is offered by the other tourist attractions in Dubai. Either way, it is a must for any first time visitor to the region.

Moving away from the cultural and historical attractions, the Arabian Desert is one of the best things about living in Dubai. The only city in the world to be completely enclosed by the sands of the Arabian Desert, it is a truly fascinating place to spend a one-day holiday in. Start with the traditional desert safaris which include driving over a course of sand dunes and up to a trek to a campsite at the top of the sand dunes where you will have a taste of the hospitality of the arid Arabian Desert. After this, relax as you drive through the small fishing villages that dot the coast of Dubai.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, there is plenty of action to keep you entertained on your Dubai sightseeing trip. Perhaps the best things to do on her is to take a ride on one of the seven roller coasters located at the top of the Burj-Al Arab. There are many other rides such as the Wild Wadi Water coaster in addition to a host of water slides, adventure water sport events and entertainment in the area. Combine this with the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is held in late August to celebrate the town’s culture and shopping brilliance and you have one sightseeing trip that will leave you coming back for more! Read more on Palm Tower.

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